MCM-IC for DC-DC Converters

POL DC-DC Converters

Isolated-Type DC-DC Converters

High Voltage DC-DC Converters

Ultra Low Noise AC-DC Switching Power Supplies

• Greatest range of products in our sector
• Variety of technology
• High insulation technology
• Low voltage operation technology
• Very quick response technology
• High density and integration technology

• Worldwide famous high voltage technology 
• Light weight technology 
• Very small size 
• Very low noise technology
• Very high efficiency technology
• Very low height technology 

An MTBF of 1.000.000 hours achieved by Bellnix original technology – Reliablility has been proved

Bellnix’s original technology

TCT circuit method (patented)

A large reduction of switching loss and long life technology which realizes the smooth without depending in the capacitor. 

I type resonant circuit method  

Partial resonance circuit which provide high efficiency in the Cockcroft voltage multiplier circuit.

Ultra high efficiency synchronous rectification technology

Technology which improves converter efficiency to 95% by using Power MOS FET as the rectifying component.

Ultra high isolation technology

It achieves the I/O isolation of DC6000V and AC4000V which are required in the EN standard, with an ultra small size.

Ultra low noise technology

Ultra Noise Reduction Technique suitable for use in high precision analogue circuits, products are available for 1mVpp-3mVpp

Noise filter technology

Not only the normal mode but considered the common noise, radiation noise and mutual impedance.  

High voltage circuit and mounting technology

Reduced the sizes of DC-DC converters of 100V-2000V outputs to 1/8 of usual ones, by using latest SMT technology.

High voltage components for producing device technology

As a pioneer, the new material technology which allowed the production of DC-DC converters for SMT on a commercial bases.

Wide input range circuit technology

The gate drive technology that can correspond to high efficiency with the 4:1 input voltage range unique control system.

Technology for high and low temperature

The application technology has made the -40°C to +85°C operation possible by using the know-how of the MIL standard power supply.

The latest surface mounting technology

Surface mount technology has made the best of our 13 years achievement and it secures reliability and furthermore corresponds to ultra high density mounting.